Helping Hands Hawaii

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For thousands of local families and individuals each year, Helping Hands Hawai‘i® means the difference between hope and despair, between sickness and health, between stagnation and growth. For these families and individuals, Helping Hands Hawai‘i® defines a new quality of life – a chance to overcome the obstacles that block the way to meeting their full potential.

It is the mission of Helping Hands Hawai‘i® to provide critical social services to improve people’s quality of life and empower them on their path to a better tomorrow.

Helping Hands Hawai‘i® was officially incorporated in 1974 and evolved from the establishment of the Honolulu Council of Social Agencies’ Volunteer Placement Bureau in 1941. With a mission to connect individuals, families, and organizations with essential human and material resources, Helping Hands Hawai‘i® continues today to provide a vital lifeline for our local community – Helping its members to help one another.