4 Ways to Donate Effectively

When donating to a cause, you need to make sure that your donations are having a significant impact. Before you donate, research the nonprofit thoroughly. This will help you find out a few important things.

Consider these factors before making a donation:

  1. See if the nonprofit is reputable. The nonprofit you are donating to should be a legitimate, tax-exempt organization.
  2. Research whether or not the organization has a verifiable impact. Look for scholarly articles or journalistic publications on the web and check the organization’s website for metrics of success.
  3. Determine what the organization needs. Some organizations desire monetary donations because they can allocate the money as necessary, while others may prefer specific items or a donation of time.
  4. Donate narrowly. It is more efficient to donate to a few organizations you are really passionate about than to hundreds of organizations. Build a long-term relationship with the organizations you donate to and create a lasting impact with the cause.

Your donations will go further, when you contribute this way.

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