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MISSION is a Van House Foundation initiative whose main purpose is to help the younger generation learn about giving and volunteering.

By creating events, online content and pairing youth with causes that fit their lifestyles, acts as a bridge between the younger generation and nonprofits. By finding new and innovative ways to make learning about philanthropy exciting, we aim to help the younger generation become involved early on in life.

HISTORY was founded in 2011, by Rick and Nicole Van House, as an opportunity to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s within the younger generation in memory of a lost family member. Shortly thereafter, the organization’s mission extended to promote philanthropic awarenessas as a whole, specifically targeted at the new generation of givers. partnered with only 2 nonprofits back in 2011 and has since grown to involve thousands of nonprofits across the country in its CauseFinder database.

Our expansive database of nonprofits in the CauseFinder are hand curated to focus on those that provide volunteer opportunities for young people. The goal is to help young people find the nonprofit that aligns with their passions and give them to the opportunity to give time and not just money.

We look forward to years of growth and giving in the future.