Choosing a Charity

Before connecting yourself to a non-profit organization, take the time to research what options are available.

Reflect on your views and think about which causes are most important to you. Find an issue you are passionate about.

Once you have chosen a cause, take a look at the different organizations dedicated to this cause. Chances are there are dozens.  Evaluate the differences between these charities, and decide the level of impact you would like to make. Will your donation be going across an ocean or just down the block? Would you like to support an established charity or one just getting started? What size of a charity are you looking to help out?

Research even deeper into the non-profit you have chosen. Make sure it is a legitimate tax-exempt organization. Most charity search engines like Guidestar and Network for Good will provide this classification. Take a look at your chosen charity’s mission, achievements, finance reports, history and future goals. Check out webpages, social media pages and current news about the charity. Make sure this information aligns with your views and vision for the cause in need.

Only get involved with charities that are willing to answer any and all questions you have. If you are hesitant about donating, ask to receive more information. All reputable charities will be more than willing to give you the time to decide and learn more about them and what they do.

All of these steps will ensure that you choose a charity you are passionate about, as well as a charity that will put your donations and time to good use.

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