Featured Listings Questions

In order to see the options for "Featured Listing", there are two prerequisites:
  1. You must be the author of the listing in question.
  2. You must have a paid subscription.
We offer a variety of "Featured Listing" packages that will show your listing at the top of the other listings for a directory. To make your listing a featured listing, follow these steps:
  1. Locate your listing: This can be done via two methods after you are logged in:
    • Go to listing page.
    • Go to MY ACCOUNT > then click the directory name that your listing belongs to.
  2. Viewing Add-ons: You can see and select "Featured" packages as follows:
    • Listing page: On top right of your listing, locate the "Order Add-ons" button and click it.
    • My Account > Directory page: Click the settings gear icon next to your listing and click "Order Add-ons".
  3. Select your featured listing option.
  4. Complete your order.
  5. Done!
Your listing will now be featured in the corresponding directory and home page (limited space) until it expires.