Challengers Independent Living, Inc.

2500 North Rolling Road, Catonsville, Maryland 21244
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Challengers Independent Living, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing independent life-skills services to teens and young adults who are living in long-term foster care.
OUR PURPOSE is to provide our youth participants between the ages of 15 – 21 with the opportunity to learn and practice independent living skills so that they are fully prepared to age out of the foster care system and enter adulthood on the right path for success.
OUR VISION is for all of our youth participants to age out of the foster care system as educated and self-sufficient young adults; to prevent them from a life of crime and/or homelessness; to help them manage or overcome any mental, behavioral and/or psychological issues; and, to ensure that each young adult is gainfully employed and ultimately not dependent upon already overburdened federal and state government assistance programs.