Community Service Foundation

925 Lakeview Road, Clearwater, Florida 33756
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The Community Service Foundation, founded in 1957 in Harbor Bluffs, Florida is now headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. Its goal is to provide help on a local level to poor residents of Pinellas County. It started as a privately funded organization and has evolved into a regionally funded effort.

CSF’s first project, in 1962, was a center in Ridgecrest, Florida for pre-teen children as an educational and recreational outlet. The Foundation and the Friends of Ridgecrest, from three adjoining communities, created a core lending library at the center, with an emphasis on books relevant to the community’s culture – for example “Singing Heart”, a small book about Marian Anderson written by Lenore Spivey. The community center still serves the area’s residents 50 years later.