80 M Street Southeast, Washington, District of Columbia 20003
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Groundswell builds community power through equitable community solar projects, clean energy programs that reduce energy burdens, and pioneering research initiatives that help light the way to clean energy futures for all. Groundswell has clean energy programs and projects in place in six states, including the District of Columbia, and serves more than 4500 income-qualified customers with more than $1.85 million per year in clean energy savings. Our vision is a clean energy economy that equitably serves all people with a diverse supply chain that is free of representation and wage gaps and generates wealth, work, and savings for all the communities it serves.

During 2020, Groundswell’s entire team worked together to complete a new Strategic Plan that defines our goals, how we’ll reach them, and how we’ll measure our progress. It takes about 15 minutes or so to flip through it, or a bit longer to read it word for word.