Pittsburgh community reinvestment group

1901 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
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PCRG is a nonprofit membership organization of community development corporations (CDCs), community-based organizations (CBOs) and community service groups in Western Pennsylvania. We ensure that our region has one voice in organizing for equity in financial lending practices, land use and vacant property, transit and infrastructure. In addition to our own knowledge and capacity, PCRG utilizes our connections to members, business, government and communities to drive positive change in social policies, services, and products affecting those who live in low- and moderate-income areas and communities of color. Action-focused policy development and implementation is fundamental to advancing our mission. Public education and awareness of issues impacting those we serve, and PCRG’s related initiatives and achievements are central to our success. Our blend of technical aptitude, paired with a heritage of effectively organizing diverse community-based organizations, has become a national model and has netted long-lasting positive change throughout Western PA and beyond.