St. Paul’s Methodist Foundation

5501 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77004
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The history of the St. Paul’s Methodist Foundation is more than the building of assets. It is the story of generous people empowered to build the kingdom of God through the work of the Foundation. What began as a mission to ensure that the magnificent Sanctuary building and the other buildings comprising the St. Paul’s campus would endure for generations grew to include a vision to educate children and young people, to serve marginalized neighbors in Houston, and to spread the gospel to Latin America and the Caribbean. In the sixty-one years after the first small seed was planted, the St. Paul’s Foundation assets have grown significantly, and St. Paul’s UMC is consistently recognized as one of the most beautiful sacred spaces in the city. Equally important, the vision and generosity of generations of faithful donors have buoyed hundreds of students who have benefited from Foundation scholarships and thousands of Houstonians in need have been touched by Foundation grants. Generations of Latin American Christians have experienced the gospel first-hand through grants to General Board of Global Missions.