Tasks Unlimited


We believe that all people, including those with mental illness, deserve the chance at a meaningful life, a life full of living, working, and achieving.

Tasks Unlimited provides supported employment, housing and recovery services for people with mental illness so that they achieve a full life with the rights and responsibilities of adults in our society.

Grounded in the Fairweather Lodge Model, Tasks Unlimited supports mental health recovery by encouraging group decision-making and community living. By living and working as a group, program participants hold each other accountable in their mental health recovery. Consistent, supportive employment is a key component to the mental health recovery process at Tasks Unlimited. Through Tasks Unlimited Building Services, program participants perform janitorial services, mailroom management and building maintenance to businesses throughout the Twin Cities. Nothing bolsters self-esteem like having a meaningful role in your world. And, self-esteem broadens one’s vision of what is truly achievable in life.

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