The Forgotten Dog Foundation

1112 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90403
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The Forgotten Dog Foundation was formed in 2009 by Linzi Glass and Cary Granat. We received our non-profit status in February, 2010.

The mission of THE FORGOTTEN DOG FOUNDATON is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs and, after careful screening, place them in loving forever homes. Our dogs are big and small, purebreds and mutts, young and old. They are shelter dogs that are set to be euthanized, dogs left in foreclosures and strays running the streets. We take in dogs that people can no longer keep, and save and rehabilitate abused dogs that are removed from their neglectful owners. We are strictly a foster based rescue where our dogs go from vet visit, grooming/bath directly into a loving foster home. We believe that caging dogs/boarding does not help in their recovery and see rapid positive changes and wagging tails within days of these terrified dogs being placed in foster homes.