The Quinton Aaron Foundation

3402 North 22nd Street, Tampa, Florida 33605
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Our mission is simple. To help schools to provide a safe learning environment for our children of all ages. We are committed to working with anyone and everyone to keep our children safe and emotionally secure through our lessons, assemblies, town halls and newly formed friendship. With your support, we can end bullying as we see it.

Over 160,000 children will stay at home every school day this year our of fear of being bullied. Our mission is to seek out these children, listen to what they are going through, and provide resources, both local and national to end their struggles.

For those of you who have not been a victim, we can assure you that someone you know is! Our goal as a foundation is to empower not only the victims, but to empower the bystanders. The largest most powerful individual is the one that