U.S. Foundation for Liberty and Human Rights

1530 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22209
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The U.S. Foundation for Liberty and Human Rights (“The Foundation”) is a non-profit, tax-exempt and tax-deductible, 501C3 volunteer organization formed by U.S. citizens of Iranian descent and is a sister organization of U.S Foundation for Liberty.

Many of the volunteers themselves have been victims of the Iranian regime’s brutality. Having experienced firsthand the violation of their fundamental rights, these volunteers promote women’s rights, the rights of victims of abuse, rights of minorities and dissidents, as well as refugees who have fled repression in Iran.

The Foundation has led many projects focused on the resettlement of political refugees in third countries. In one of its most difficult, complex, but successful campaigns, it helped complete the transfer to Albania of thousands of residents of Camp Liberty (near the Baghdad International Airport) in Iraq in 2016. These refugees were designated as ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘persons of concern’ by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and as ‘protected persons’ under the Fourth Geneva Convention by the United States.