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We are currently living in a state of hyper-connectivity. Thanks to the developments in science, technology, and communications, we are closer to each other more than ever. Hyper-connectivity does not automatically equivocate into happiness. Regardless of one’s personal level of happiness, one cannot truly be happy if one’s own neighbor is afflicted with struggles. Happiness that is not shared with neighbors is not happiness.

If the water in the pond becomes dirty, healthy fish will eventually become polluted and even expired. We need to clean the water in the pond called society. That is why we must help those who are struggling with disabilities with love . The overall progress of mankind is not completed through words alone, it is achieved by the practice of small love gathering into a larger unit. The practice of love does not begin with grandiose volunteerism, but from small contributions that are proactive. Rather than a large service, a smaller service is the seed necessary for a larger service later, like small raindrops that gather to form a large ocean. We ask that you start this love practice regardless of how big or small it might be, then you will experience true happiness.