Local Couple Creates Innovative Way to Spread the Word about Wellness

Royal Oak, Mich., February 19, 2013 – An upcoming event aimed at educating 25-40 year olds about Alzheimer’s disease is just one step in a movement envisioned by a local couple to make wellness a focus for the surrounding community.

Rick and Nicole Van House recognized a void when they attended an event centered on wellness in 2010. That particular event was tailored to this younger audience but sadly the attendance of their peer group was minimal. The event arguably a failure, made them realize that foundations trying to attract 25-40 years olds were clueless as how to go about doing so. That led them to a plan: to start their own foundation and become a leader in educating their generation about wellness.

And so they did. Soon after, The Van House Foundation was born.

“No one else is doing this kind of effort that we know of,” Rick Van House said. “And we can already see the results as a younger group of people are engaging with the messages we’re putting out there on behalf of the organizations we’re working with.”

As president of Know Advertising, Rick Van House has applied his marketing experience and expertise to grow the foundation and has developed social media platforms to communicate with a new, more technologically savvy generation.

Partnering with various associations and foundations, The Van House Foundation helps bring awareness to each cause by finding new and innovative ways to make learning exciting. One of these ways is through exclusive events like The List Event, which will be held at The Reserve on March 8, 2013.

Visit https://www.giveyoung.org/events/the-list-event/ to purchase tickets.

Rick Van House
Chairman & Co-founder
The Van House Foundation
422 W 11 Mile
Royal Oak, MI 48067
ph. 248.632.1171

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